Milking Out His Cum Load

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Max London

When Master Sebastian needs to get a cum load from a boy’s cock he never just does it with a simple hand job, he’s a professional and he knows how to get his lad’s addicted to cock fun. For this video he soon has young Max roped down onto the scaffold platform, exploring his smooth body with his oiled hands and making sure he’s given the young man the kind of attention he likes. With a press of a button the boy is winched up above, a perfect height for the kind of cock pleasuring milking Master Sebastian loves to give. We don’t know what Max is thinking about while Master strokes his wet cock and tugs on his full balls, but whatever it is couldn’t ever be as hot as what we’re watching when his cum is made to spew from his helmet! A leaping load of hot cream pumps from his dick as moans of bliss escape his lips, his member finally relieved of the juice he’d needed to splash for so long.