Mike Tanner and Nate Grimes Part 2

It was a long and bumpy ride for Mike Tanner with Nate Grimes’ fist up his ass. After a quick break to stretch their legs, the studs hop back into the bus for round two. This time it’s Nate’s hole that’s about to get wrecked and he can’t wait to feel Mike’s big manly hands inside of him. Mike gloves up and gets his hands slick with lube as Nate squats down and takes the daddy’s closed fist by sitting on it. Nate does all the dirty work as Mike lies back and lets the stud ride his hand up and down. Nate can’t get enough and goes deeper down Mike’s thick arm with every bounce from his squatting position. Nate is ready to have Mike do some of the work and bends over to let the stud plug his hole with an even deeper fist. There seems to be no end to the size of Nate’s gaping hairy hole as he begs for Mike to remove his boots. Nate wants to show that he can go even further as he sits on Mike’s large foot and shows off his rosebud as he blasts a load of pent-up jizz all over the back of the bus.

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Mike Tanner, Nate Grimes