Michael Del Ray – Deviant No More – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Michael Del Ray

Young Michael Del Ray moans and squirms seductively, bound naked on his back, pins biting into his nipples and cock, his balls crushed by a glue-clamp, his torso striped with lash marks. Jared toys with the pins with his curled whip, making the frat boy thrash about, before lashing his chest and stomach again. He frees Michael’s wrists from the bench. Removing the pins one-by-one, Michael screams as blood rushes back into his damaged flesh. Jared squirts lube into the boy’s hand, making it clear, without speaking a word, that Michael better cum or he will suffer even more. The young stud does not disappoint, pumping a massing load of cum from his wounded cock with one hand while covering his face with the other, not so much in shame but as a sign of complete submission.