Max Lorde – Slave Trade – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Blue, Max Lorde

A key to being a slave is having the ability to cum on command and pump out massive loads of cum like bull in heat. Max Lorde does not disappoint. His master, Cole Blue, gets the young stud erect with his lips then inserts the hard dick into a rotating flesh jack. Max moans in agony, his muscular body convulsing as he cums inside the pulsating device for two, full minutes, pumping out so much cum it oozes from the rubber seal and drips down his cock. Minutes later Max cums again – twice – while being jerked off by his master’s expert hands. Then, before he can catch his breath, his throbbing cock is back in the flesh jack, and he cums over and over, like some kind of freak of nature, a human cum factory ready to be milked daily.