Max Lorde – Slave Trade – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Blue, Max Lorde

Cole Blue’s massive cock has been rock-hard and throbbing for an hour and he’s ready to explode. He releases his slave’s wrists from the ceiling chain and pushes Max Lorde to his knees then thrusts his encouraged cock down the slave’s throat. Max eagerly swallows the huge cock. Precum and saliva drip out of his mouth as Cole rams his cock home to its base over and over, grabbing his slave’s head and using it like a fuck toy. Max chokes and sputters but never turns away, knowing this is his fate, to be used, to suffer and please. Cole enjoys this young stud choking on his cock and licking his balls while he works his dick himself, finally spewing a huge load of cum all over his slave’s face and into his mouth. Now it’s time to get Max ready to be milked.