Max Lorde – Slave Trade – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Blue, Max Lorde

Max Lorde has been left alone for hours, naked, hanging from a chain by his wrists, his legs spread by other chains at his ankles, when his young master, Cole Blue, returns, grinning like the cat who got the cream. Cole caresses his muscular slave’s torso and ass with one hand while twirling a flogger, menacingly, in the other. He whips the boy’s back and ass mercilessly, leaving him covered with welts. Cole’s dick hardens, bulging in his tight, leather pants, as he alternates between whipping and caressing his slave. Now his dick is out of his pants, huge and rock-hard as he sprays Max’s fresh wounds with alcohol, sending him into spasms of pain. Max can feel the hard dick against his skin. Soon it will be rammed down his throat, but first he needs more beating.