Max Lorde – Slave Trade – Chapter 10

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Blue, Max Lorde

Max Lorde is strapped, naked, to a fuck bench, when Cole Blue enters, wearing leather pants and heavy boots. He smacks Max’s firm, round ass with a leather spanker, making the boy squeal and moan in pain, his whole body shaking, until his ass is bright red. Cole’s massive dick is now out of his pants and erect. He shoves it in deep, fucking his muscular slave like a cheap whore. Max moans and rocks in agony at the violation but takes it willingly until Cole finally pulls out and cums all over his slave’s back without even touching his cock. He then beats the boy’s ass some more and fucks him a second time, leaving even more cum dripping down his slave’s leg as he beats his ass some more.