Max Cameron And Kirk Cummings Part 2

Officer Kirk Cummings was no match for pervy hooligan Max Cameron. After attempting to arrest Max for loitering around the cruising grounds, Max brings Kirk back to his secret sex dungeon. Officer Kirk is helpless and immobilized with his own cuffs, but despite his predicament he can’t help getting a throbbing boner. Max sits his ass down and fucks himself on Kirk’s hard rod, ignoring Kirk’s pleading and protestations. Max grabs his nipples and strokes his cock as he raises and lowers himself on Kirk’s meat stick. With sweat streaking across their bodies, Max stands and thrusts his cock deep into Kirk’s pig hole. Reaching into a bag, Max pulls out a brutal-looking black leather flogger and uses it to turn Kirk’s ass pink. A leather paddle appears next from Max’s bag of tricks, further leaving its mark on Kirk’s defenseless ass. With Kirk’s humiliation evident, Max plows Kirk’s hole once again, fucking the vulnerable officer as hard as he can. When Max has his fill of Kirk’s hole, he stands above him and jerks his cock, raining down a torrent of cum across Kirk’s cock, balls, and stomach. Scooping up his load, Max uses the cum as lube to stroke Kirk’s boner. Max’s semen becomes frothy and white as it churns in Max’s hand, and suddenly Kirk loses control and lets fly with a massive cum spurt across his torso. Kirk pleads to leave, but Max tells him he’s not going anywhere yet. After hog-tying Kirk on the floor, Max puts in a call to his buddy and invites him over to play. ‘Bitch, you’ve got a surprise coming for you!’ says Max as he walks away, leaving Kirk helpless on the floor.

Studio: Fetish Force 
Actors: Max Cameron, Kirk Cummings