Matthieu Paris And James Aaron

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Matthieu Paris, James Aaron

With his tattooed asshole all juiced up for action, James Aaronassumes the position and kneels in eager anticipation of MatthieuParis’ dynamic fists. Loads of lube enable the sneering puppetmasterto slide, slam, jab his fingers and then his fists slickly inside James’asshole, stretching the gaping rectum wide open. Nothing seems tofaze him as Matthieu pumps his left fist and then his right fist in andout. James moans and groans with every insertion, drowning in thesexual delirium only a fisting fool like him can understand. Matthieucontinues to taunt and tease, growling and grimacing, and only whenJames’ asshole is practically turned inside out, do the men switchplaces with Matthieu now on the receiving end. James manages toslam his arm up to his elbow inside Matthieu’s butthole. He’simpressed with his effort, but Matthieu seems to wonder, ‘Is that allyou got?’ So with more lube and a series of double-fisted plunging tosatisfy the master, James works Matthieu some more. TheFrenchman pisses his approval all over the proceedings, encouraginghis apprentice to try even harder and James is more than eager tocomply.