Matie – Latin Slave – Chapter 8


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Matie, Jared

Imagine being a young boy who has never been fucked before and now you are roped to a bench just so you can be fucked, your legs spread to raise your ass in the air and expose your trembling asshole. First you are fucked with a massive dildo, much bigger than an actual phallus. You are fucked so hard your body vibrates against the mesh holding you in place. Then a rigid, steel butt plug is shoved up your ass, so deep the handle touches your sphincter. But the man fucking you is still not satisfied. Totally turned on by your beautiful, round ass and lean, dancer’s body, he flogs you savagely while you are impaled. Your muscular, young body shudders as you gasp and moan. Your only break from the whipping is when he squeezes your flesh. Then you are hogtied with your feet in the air so he can whip the soles of your feet.