Matie – Latin Slave – Chapter 7


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Matie, Jared

Young Matie is cut down from his mid-air perch but finds himself in an even more perilous position: He is hogtied, straddling a metal ottoman, his knees and elbows roped together so his asshole is stretched wide. The whip marks on his back and ass are no longer red welts but deep, purple scars. The redheaded rope man enters, wearing leather leggings and boots and carrying a large flogger. He flogs the brown boy’s back and ass, making him oscillate and gasp in agony. We’ve never seen anything like it: a young athlete so overwhelmed by a whipping that his body literally vibrates in pain. A little later, Matie’s ass is spanked and his wide-open asshole is fucked by a dildo the size of his forearm. Poor, poor boy.