Matie – Latin Slave – Chapter 6


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Matie, Jared

The sadistic redhead fingers Matie’s asshole as he hangs from a torture apparatus in a web of rope. Then the real fun begins: The redhead whips out the “punishment dildo” Jared used on Matie earlier, but this time, since Matie’s anus is stretched open by his ropes, the rope man shoves the rigid, hard-rubber jack-hammer of a dildo much deeper up the boy’s ass. Poor Matie screams and moans at the deep violation. The redhead just smirks – and rams the dildo in even harder. When the sexual abuse finally ends, Matie lets out a sigh of relief – only to have a weight tied to his cock and balls followed by another hour of punishment-fucking with the same, horrid dildo. Then the well-fucked boy is left to hang, his cock and balls painfully stretched, overnight.