Matie – Latin Slave – Chapter 10


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Matie, Jared

After days of nonstop torture and forced ejaculation and penetration, Matie remains bound, wrist-to-ankle, on a small, metal bench, his torso marred by numerous floggers and whips. His red-headed tormentor returns, this time to play with his cock. Matie moans seductively, trying to please this man and, he hopes, avoid another beating. Bored, the redhead unties Matie’s wrists, making it clear he wants a show — and expects to see some cum. Our Latin boy doesn’t disappoint: He gets hard and flexes and stretches, displaying his beautiful body perfectly, then continues stroking his uncut cock until he spews a massive load of cum all over his whip-scarred abs. He stretches and flexes some more — anything to please his masters.