Master Pacifico’s Dominion: Jesse Ferrer And Dominic Pacifico

Actors: Dominic Pacifico, Jesse Ferrer

Master Dominic Pacifico finally has slave Jesse Ferrer to himself and wants to test how much torment he can take. Jesse is standing blindfolded with his arms restrained above him and a spreader bar tied to his ankles. Dominic picks a riding crop to start with, tenderizing Jesse’s skin until it is red and sensitive. Jesse is clearly enjoying himself and unable to hold back a smile, so Dominic decides to step up the intensity and comes up with a game for them to play. Dominic assigns various words to different parts of Jesse’s body, and each time Dominic hits him with a heavy leather paddle Jesse must recite the correct word. After the game Jesse is flogged until he is trembling from the all the pain. Finally, Master Pacifico places Jesse on all fours so he can fuck his face and ass.