Mason Garet, Ricky Sinz And Trey Casteel

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Mason Garet, Ricky Sinz, Trey Casteel

Over at the motor pool, Mason Garet tries to get our jeep readybefore morning but can’t keep his mind on his work with Ricky Sinzand Trey Casteel breathing heavy down his neck. Mason would ratherget his own ass overhauled anyway. Ricky takes control, his foulmouth spitting orders in Mason’s ear as Mason chows down on Trey’sweaponry. Ricky puts Mason through all the paces, ordering him tofuck, suck, and open his ass wide. Trey and Ricky take turns workingMason’s gaping hole till it stands at attention. Grease dripseverywhere by the time they’re done working Mason over to theirsweaty satisfaction.