Marcus Ryan – Young Thief – Chapter 9


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Marcus Ryan, Myles Landon

After spending hours alone on his back, painfully stretched, unable to move, his back and shoulders feeling like they will snap, Marcus is released. But, instead of being allowed to leave, he’s flipped over and stretched again – not too much, not yet. Facedown, bound and naked, Marcus feels totally vulnerable, terrified of being racked even harder. And he will be; his suffering on the rack has just begun. But first Myles Landon, stripped to the waist, muscles bulging, flogs his boy’s back, arms, ass, legs and the soles of his feet. Marcus screams and flexes, as much as the tight chains of the rack will allow him. Daddy Myles in unrelenting, wielding his flogger with expertise, his face both menacing and full of lust. He cannot stop torturing this beautiful, hairless boy.