Marcus Ryan – Young Thief – Chapter 7


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Marcus Ryan, Myles Landon

Myles Landon loves nothing more than fucking a hot boy when he is bound and helpless and has no choice. Pretty-boy Marcus has taken a few cocks up his ass but never like this. He screams and gasps for breath as his ass is pounded, long and slow, then rapid-fire and hard. His young body literally rocks back and forth on the fuck-bench as Myles pounds him. When the ass-fucking finally stops, Myles shoves his cock in the boy’s mouth, then goes right back to fucking his ass, mercilessly. Marcus is delirious with pain as his insides are violated by his muscle-daddy’s massive, rock-hard cock. After Myles pulls out and cums all over his boy’s back, he shoves his still-erect cock back in and continues pounding him. “You stole from the wrong man, boy,” he says. Indeed.