Marcus Ryan – Young Thief – Chapter 3


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Marcus Ryan, Myles Landon

Marcus has been wrapped in plastic against a steel beam for hours, his nipples and cock throbbing in pain from the clothespins clamped on them. Muscle daddy Myles Landon walks in with a big smile, loving the look of pure anguish on the naked boy’s face. Myles yanks off the first clothespin, sending blood flowing back into the young thief’s wounded nipple. Marcus screams at this new pain – and it gets worse, as Myles removes pin after pin. Still, the boy, to his embarrassment, can’t help but get hard when Myles strokes and sucks his cock. Marcus is cut out of the plastic and collapses to the floor, but his ordeal is far from over. Minutes later he is chained on his knees under a chair – the perfect perch for daddy to paddle his boy’s ass.