Marcus Ryan – Young Thief – Chapter 10


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Marcus Ryan, Myles Landon

Daddy Myles really wants to hurt this boy, to hear the helpless screams of agony, to feel the pain emanate off his skin, so he turns the crank of the rack until the kid’s shoulders almost pop, then he really lays into him with the flogged, whipping with one hand then caressing the fresh wounds with the other. Poor Marcus can’t believe the pain. Luckily, his body is so limber it stretches and adapts, but then Myles just turns the crank another half turn. Marcus is no longer a thief being punished; he is an object of lust for a man with an insatiable appetite for torturing beautiful young men. Marcus’ creamy back and ass are bright red from the whip. He smells the alcohol before he feels it — like liquid fire — on his skin. Then the flogging continues, followed by one last, cruel crank of the winch.