Marcus Ryan – Young Thief – Chapter 1


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Marcus Ryan, Myles Landon

Marcus Ryan has made a big mistake: He stole a wad of cash from his new employer, Myles Landon, a muscular daddy who loves nothing more than to torture and fuck a slender pretty boy. “You stole from the wrong man,” Myles tells the boyish 23-year-old, yanking him out of the trunk of his Lexus, bound and gagged. “You want to go to prison for ten years?” Myles sneers. Marcus, now chained to a pole, shakes his head no. “Or do you want your punishment now?” Marcus reluctantly nods yes but his eyes widen in horror as the man continues. “I’m going to fuck you for hours,” he says. “Then I’m going to torture you for hours and fuck you again,” he adds, shoving his hands down the boy’s pants and under his dress shirt. Minutes later Marcus is completely naked and wrapped against a pillar with clear plastic from his toes to his chin.