Actors: Brody Fox, Cliff Jensen

Chicken-plucker Brody Fox needed to get out of town for the weekend. Something motivated him to keep driving west, crossing vast distances until he arrived in the harsh, unrelenting landscape of the Mojave Desert. This yearning in his soul for something better than what he had passively grown to accept in his small Arkansas town has led him to a saloon on the outskirts of nowhere, and a curious bartender, Cliff Jensen, who seems a little too interested in discussing cocks. After only a few sips of his drink, Brody is suddenly tired. When he wakes up later he is bound by rope, gagged and blindfolded. He can’t see that he is in a shipping container, but he can feel the intense heat of the desert sun beating down on the thin metal roof. One small blessing is he has been stripped down to only his underwear. The last thing Brody remembers is the amused smirk on the bartender’s face. The door opens and someone is manhandling him. The voice boasts that he is going to have fun with Brody today. It’s the voice of the bartender, Cliff Jensen. Brody feels the sting of a crop on his exposed flesh. Cliff tugs, teases and slaps Brody’s penis. Why is this happening? Brody feels Cliff’s threateningly large cock pressed against his thigh. Now pressed against his lips. Brody accepts the hefty cock in his mouth, maybe this will stop the slapping and biting. Instead, Cliff spreads Brody’s ass cheeks and slides his cock into Brody’s asshole. Brody is alarmed by how deep it feels. Cliff rides Brody’s ass like they’re at the rodeo. At least Brody isn’t worrying about the heat anymore. Brody’s ass is left puckered and pulsating. Cliff works over Brody’s body with the flogger. Brody can’t help it when his own dick gets hard. The flogger on his pulsating cock is almost too much to bear. This time when Cliff face-fucks him, Brody eagerly accepts the massive cock. Brody is suspended by ropes, legs hung apart with his asshole at the perfect height to be fucked. After he is tormented with the zapper, Brody is relieved to be filled by Cliff’s cock. The ropes hold Brody’s thighs in place, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide as Cliff claims Brody’s loosened asshole. By the time his mouth fills with Cliff’s cum, Brody welcomes the creamy white nectar, knowing he is pleasing his master.