Making Full Use Of The Greedy Boy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Noah Carter

Young Noah’s hole is still wet and aching from the pounding he just took, and the cum and piss Master Sean delivered to his well-used arse, but Sean isn’t done yet. With the boy quickly on his back and his legs up and chained into position he gets to work on that pucker once again, this time with the added pain of pinching clothespins all over the boy’s nipples and chest! Sean drives his raw cock back inside, another hot load needing to be released. Watch him pump and pound the twink, pausing only to add more painful pegs to his flesh and tug them away with the string. With his second load of Master cum needing to be splashed he coats the boy’s balls, removes the pegs and plugs Noah’s hole with a toy.