Making Full Use Of Gabriel – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Gabriel Paris

If you thought dom lad Sean was being a little easy on young captive Gabriel in part one, ramming his hole with various big rubber toys, you’ll be glad to see him going all-out in part 2. With his boy on his back on the bench, his ankles roped up and his pucker exposed Sean gets to work once more, licking and fingering, sucking his dick and sliding his big bareback meat into the boy. Sean couldn’t hardly wait an extra minute, but he knows when to take a break to give the boy a snack on his big pink tool before filling him up again. There’s a little pinwheel fun to add to the sensation and some light choking to assert his dominance again, but there’s no doubt who is in charge. With his cum ready to gush Sean pulls out and drenches young Gabriel’s balls and taint in a satisfying finish, but there’s still more cum to get in part 3.