Lyam Dylan and Jordan Kiffeur

Studio: JalifStudio
Actors: Lyam Dylan, Jordan Kiffeur

Sports-loving Lyam has engaged the services of electrician Jordan to fix the fan in his bathroom ceiling. A quick glance is all Jordan needs to figure out that the problem’s a pretty easy fix. His next client’s not for a couple of hours though; he’s got some time to kill and red-hot Lyam is kicking off some serious sexual heat. Jordan falls to his knees and gets his lips firmly wrapped around the growing bulge struggling to escape from the silky fabric of Lyam’s jogging pants. Within seconds, Lyam’s uncovered his giant, rock-hard meat and is feeding it to the horny, submissive electrician. Jordan’s an expert dick-sucker and Lyam is soon groaning in a state of uncontrollable ecstasy. It becomes clear that both men like it sleazy. There’s plenty of spitting, throttling, slapping and humiliation as Lyam establishes himself as the dominant master of this plumber. Lyam’s sweaty sneakers are soon introduced; the stench of warm rubber insoles fills the bathroom and Jordan is driven into a desperate, lustful frenzy. Lyam starts aggressively fingering Jordan’s sweet, puckered ass. He soon has his nine-inch meat lodged deep inside Jordan’s tight hole. He fucks with force and almost eye-watering speed. Jordan is helpless to do anything other than moan deeply as his ass is torn apart and his internal organs are brutally rearranged. He yells. He wants more. Frankly, he’ll take it as hard as Lyam can give it. And judging by the insane cum explosions at the end of the adventure, neither man is left in any way unsatisfied!