Luka Sage and Josh Mikael – Part 1

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Luka Sage, Josh Mikael


Officer Luka Sage arrives at the precinct to begin his shift watching over prisoner, Josh Mikael. Unbothered by the officer’s authority, Josh gropes himself before pulling his jeans down and spreading his hole for the officer. Josh taunts Luka even further when he calls him a ‘pig’ and invites him to show the prisoner what he’s got. Luka is up for the challenge and gets on his knees to tongue-fuck Josh’s hole thru the bars of his cell. It’s not long before Luka removes the captive pig from his cage and bends him over his desk to open his hairy hole up even further. Luka is ready to show Josh just how dirty a cop he is, and he gets down between the studs legs to shove his fist in for a complete cavity search of Josh’s hole. Josh’s hole swallows Luka’s fist with ease as the dirty cop works his clenched fist in and out of his sloppy hole. Josh wants the officer even deeper and gets on his back to receive the cops fist at full depth. Taking it up a notch, Luka works two fists into Josh’s already busted hole making him push out a blooming rosebud. After switching back to all fours one last time, Josh lays back to unleash thick ropes of cum all over his hairy body while Luka keeps his fist firmly planted in the prisoners spent hole.