Luka – A Model Slave – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Luka, Nicholas Greystone

Young Luka has learned the ways of a slave, to submit, to endure pain without complaint, to please his master. He has endured real pain, for sure, but not the kind that breaks a man. Today that changes. He is flat on his back, naked, spread-eagled and blindfolded. “Do not even think about shaking these off,” Nicholas Greystone, his master, whispers as he attaches electrodes Luka cannot see to his wrist and ankle. Suddenly, electric current flows into Luka’s body, lifting him off the table. “Oh fuck!” he screams as his body collapses, convulsing. But he endures the torture, over and over, until he is nearly delirious. Then his master whips him while shocking him.