Luka – A Model Slave – Chapter 10

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Luka, Nicholas Greystone

Slave boy Luka, a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees, can feel a dildo poking his asshole as he whimpers in fear. “Oh, fuck!” he shouts when his master, Nicholas Greystone, places the tip of the phallus in his hole then switches on a fuck-machine. The virginal slave moans in agony as all 9 inches pummel him. Although his ass is fucked raw, he doesn’t even think of pulling away, moaning and gasping and exclaiming “Fuck!” as he is violated nonstop. Nicholas finally crawls up on top of him and spews a huge load of cum all over his back, then turns the machine back on and leaves him to be fucked like a cheap whore all night.