Lucca’s Gimp: Lucca Mazzi Torments His Gimp Bitch Dillon Diaz

Actors: Dillon Diaz, Lucca Mazzi

Dillon Diaz is a submissive gimp restrained in a latex bodysuit and leather mask, awaiting his fate in the dungeon. He is nothing more than a toy that gets used at the whim of his Master Lucca Mazzi. Luca loves to test his gimp’s limits to see how far Dillon is willing to go down the rabbit hole of submission. Dillion is subjected to flogging, electro-play, and a ruthless fucking until Master Mazzi explodes a load of cum on his gimp’s face.

Lucca strolls into his dungeon to find his gimp exactly where he had left him. Dillon obediently holds onto his leash tied from bondage rope in his mouth as he waits for his Master’s next command. Lucca unzips the sweat-filled latex bodysuit to expose his gimp’s naked body. He proceeds to flog Dillon’s ass and back until the gimp begs for mercy. But Master Mazzi has a shocking surprise in store for his submissive bitch, a variety of electro-toys to torment Dillon with. Dillon gets shocked all over the front side of his body by an electrified flogger, the sting of each strike causes his hard cock to bounce up and down. With the flip of a switch, Lucca is able to channel the electricity through his own body and shock his gimp with just his hands. Dillon trembles and screams in agony from the shocking sensation. However, Master Mazzi is not done yet and uses a violet wand next to continue making his gimp squirm in pain. Finally, Dillon is placed on his hands and knees so that Lucca can use a fuck-machine to quickly warm the gimp’s ass up. Lucca then rails Dillon’s ass while ordering the gimp to praise his Master with gratitude. Dillon begs for Master Mazzi’s cum until his wish is granted, and Luca blows a hot load all over the gimp’s face. Lucca grants Dillon permission to cum as well as a reward for his obedience.