Logan Stevens And Preston Steel

‘Meatbag’ Preston Steel owes Logan Stevens a sexual favor. Logan has just given him a blow job but not shot his own load so Meatbag figures to help him along with a little bondage. He pulls Logan’s pants down so he can see and feel those tight, white buns. Then he ties Logan’s hands behind his back. Without further foreplay or ceremony, he rolls a condom over his cock, spent but not soft, and jams it up Logan’s hole. Fucking Logan from behind, the ropes serve as reins. Logan’s furry ginger hole swallows Meatbag’s sword like an X-rated circus act, and he spreads his legs so he can feel it deeper. At the last moment, Meatbag unties him and flips him onto his back so Logan can jack out the well-earned load that’s been denied to him until now. Meatbag follows suit, adding his own seed to the flecks of jism covering Logan’s milky-white torso.

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Logan Stevens, Preston Steel