Locked Thug: Colt Spence Makes Hector Ramirez His Submissive Bitch

Studio: KinkMen.com
Actors: Colt Spence, Hector Ramirez

Hector Ramirez is a heavily tattooed thug who slipped-up and fell into his opposition’s hands, the cunning Colt Spence. But there’s a kinky secret that Colt discovers; Hector’s cock is locked up in a tiny chastity device. After revealing that Hector’s tough look is all just a facade, Colt turns him into even more of a submissive bitch by beating Hector with a baton and flogger, humiliating him, and fucking his mouth and ass.

Hector is bound to a chair and struggles in a useless attempt to break free when Colt enters the room. Immediately, Hector demands to be let go but Colt has other plans in store. Colt spits in Hector’s face and starts hitting his big muscles with a baton. He rips Hector’s shirt and underwear open to expose and humiliate him further. Hector hurls insults at Colt and tries to resist but to no avail. Colt threatens to never release him, which coerces Hector into groping Colt’s crotch through his leather pants. He switches to a paddle and continues to slap Hector’s body and balls, but Colt realizes he needs to step up the intensity to break Hector down into his bitch. The torment continues with Hector bent over a spanking bench so Colt can flog his bare-ass. Hector tries to remain defiant through the pain and humiliation, however, Colt is determined to make him submit. Now tied on his back, Hector comes to the realization that his captor is in complete control as Colt shoves his cock down Hector’s throat. Finally, Colt stretches Hector’s hole out with a giant dildo, and then fucks him bareback until he shoots his load on Hector’s face.