Levy Foxx – Police State Torture – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Levy Foxx, Alex Johnson

With a cruel grin on his face, Alex Johnson hovers over young Levy Foxx, now chained to the steel gurney on his back, naked. Alex moves a riding crop menacingly over Levi’s body, striking him every few seconds. Levy never knows where the next snap of the whip will land – his left nipple, right bicep, navel, ass, thighs, even his cock and balls. Alex then grabs a particularly brutal flogger from his “Wall of Pain” and whips Levy’s flat stomach and full chest, making him shriek in agony. The screams and gasps are music to Alex; his grin becomes a smirk. He strokes the boy’s lean muscles appreciatively, tickles the soles of his feet, then goes back to whipping him, with the flogger then a single-tail. Levy writhes in pain, his fit body arching off the table, twisting seductively – until Alex affixes him to the gurney with clear plastic-wrap!