Levy Foxx – Police State Torture – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Levy Foxx, Alex Johnson

After long hours of sexual abuse, torture and crucifixion, young Levy is finally given time to rest, not on a bed or even a cot but chained, facedown, to a steel gurney, naked and uncovered. The brief rest brings back his fighting spirit. “Get me out of here, you fucker!” he yells when his tormentor, Alex Johnson, returns. Alex just smiles then whips the boy’s back and ass. Levy squirms and twists on the gurney as the bullwhip cuts his flesh. Alex loves every moment, pulling the kid’s head back by the hair and staring into his eyes, making it clear who has all the power. Levy soon reverts to his submissive role. “Please…” he begs with pleading eyes as Alex shows him a spray bottle filled with alcohol then screams as the liquid fire hits his fresh wounds. Alex continues with the whip then beats the boy with a fiberglass cane, targeting the soles of his feet. Levy squeals in pain, thrashing about on the gurney, utterly helpless and alone.