Levy Foxx – Police State Torture – Chapter 4


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Levy Foxx, Alex Johnson

Poor Levy Foxx is utterly exhausted. His whole body aches. He looks at Alex Johnson with tear-filled, unbelieving eyes as Alex continues whipping him, switching from a riding crop back to a flogger then spraying alcohol on the fresh wounds, sending the boy into new spasms of pain. “Oh please!” Levy begs, but he just gets more pain. Moments later, Levy is unchained from the ceiling and strapped to a horizontal T-cross, stretched on his back, completely naked. Alex rubs the boy’s muscles and plays with his nipples and cock. “You need to cum for me, boy,” Alex says. Levy tries desperately to get aroused, despite his exhaustion and fear. He succeeds, busting a huge load of cum while being jacked-off by Axel, hoping against hope that his sexual compliance will win him mercy. It doesn’t. But, boy, does he look good stretched out, erect and covered with cum.