Levy Foxx – Police State Torture – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Levy Foxx, Alex Johnson

Asian muscle twink Levy Foxx has no idea where he is or why he has been stripped naked, strung-up by his wrists and whipped. The leather bullwhip lashes into his back and ass again and again. His tormentor, Alex Johnson, drools with desire as he stops whipping the boy long enough to raise him up on his toes and rub his fresh wounds, sending Levy into howls of agony. He continues to whip the spread-eagled boy then mists his wounds with rubbing alcohol, causing even louder howls. He leaves Levy, up on his toes, alone, trembling in pain, for hours. “Please, someone help me,” Levy begs, eyeing a camera, unaware that his pleas will not only be ignored but fulfill the fantasies of the men watching him. Alex finally returns and lowers Levi to his knees. “Please…” the boy begs, barely conscious. Soon he will choke on Alex’s cock again.