Levy Foxx – Police State Torture – Chapter 10

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Levy Foxx, Alex Johnson

Beautiful muscle twink Levy Foxx is chained to a steel gurney by his wrists and ankles as top man Alex Johnson whips him. The boy thrashes, squirms and arches his back with each blow. Then Axel uses a roll of industrial plastic-wrap – the kind shipping companies use to wrap pallets of boxes – to affix Levy firmly to the gurney. Layers of clear wrap press the boy’s lean abdomen and legs tightly against the steel, making it hard to breathe, but only a single layer covers his pecs and his feet are totally exposed, very much on purpose. Axel uses a riding crop to whip the boy’s nipples and the soles of his feet. Levy can do nothing but scream and beg. Axel even strikes the kid’s genitals through the wrap, good and hard, like a punch to the balls.