Lessons In Pain & Pleasure – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Daniel Hausser

Sweet little Daniel has been through a lot already. The flogging and ball stretching of part one made him cry out, the pegs and nipple clamps in part two were even worse, so perhaps the hot little blond boy is happy to finally be getting a taste of Master’s juicy wet cock. That’s not all he gets once he’s strapped down over the bench. Daniel obediently sucks and licks Master’s hard dick, but when his smooth little arse is smeared with oil he knows he’s about to get that raw cock deep inside him. It’s not often Master Kane fucks his captives, but with a twink like this boy of course he has to dive right in. Daniel has been craving it, his cock is drooling precum the whole time Master is pumping his meat in and out! No doubt the twink thinks this was worth the pain he’s been through, but he’s not done yet.