Leo Forte And Shay Michaels

Big, burly Shay Michaels is the side-show Wild Man – so fearsome he lives in a cage, permanently locked. But Leo Forte knows how to soothe the savage beast: rub his furry chest and stroke his cock. When Shay is tamed, Leo pulls out a fat hard-on, to feed the caged animal. As Leo approaches the bars, Shay’s hand reaches out, grabs Leo by the nuts and pulls his meat into the cage and into his mouth. Shay sucks Leo’s cock and nuts, getting rewarded with a sweet tongue kiss, then pushes his own meat through the bars for Leo to reciprocate. Shay furiously face-fucks Leo causing drool to run down his chin and perfect furry pecs. Leo reaches into the cage, between Shay’s legs, and pops a thumb up Shay’s butt while continuing to suck him. Shay squeals like the stuck pig he has just become and lets his load loose onto the bottom of his cage. Leo’s sticks his cock through the bars for a few final thrusts, until Shay’s gag reflex provides the final stimulus that sends Leo over the edge, shooting a load into Shay’s mouth.

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Leo Forte, Shay Michaels