Leo Edwards: Captured Again – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Leo Edwards

Leo has been alone, in pain, his legs stretched so wide his cock and balls rest on the concrete floor, for hours. “Please…” he moans, his torso covered with the crusty remnants of his own and his master’s cum, hoping someone will find him and loosen the chains. Finally, the door opens and his young master, Grant Dixon, enters. “Help me,” the poor boy begs, his legs trembling, his asshole quivering between his beautiful, rock-hard glutes, but Grant just smiles, flogger in hand. He beats the boy mercilessly, up and down his back and ass, pausing only to rub and squeeze his reddened, muscular flesh. Imagine the thoughts going through Leo’s mind: He is being kept in bondage, naked and in pain, for no other reason than his youth and beauty. All those hours in the gym, all the money spent on his platinum hair, all the moisturizers and manscaping, all it’s gotten him is weeks of agony and sexual abuse.