Leo Edwards: Captured Again – Chapter 7


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Leo Edwards

“Now it’s my turn!” Grant Dixon says, looking down at young Leo, covered in his own cum. Grant strips off his jeans and whips out his massive, erect cock; nothing turns him on more than having a naked, blonde twink chained in his dungeon, forced to service him. “Oh God,” Leo mumbles, eying the massive cock inches from his face. He chokes and gags as Grant face-fucks him. He can’t believe the size of the thing and how he is being used; he’s nothing but a cum bucket, a piece of meat. Grant pulls out and busts a load of cum all over Leo’s chest as the boy shutters in humiliation. “I’m not done with you yet!” Grant bellows, unchaining his slave and dragging him to the dungeon’s “torture wall,” a collection of whips, chains and every other item of Leo’s nightmares. His legs are pulled apart so hard he literally straddles the floor, a painful version of the splits. His wrists and neck are locked in a pillory. He can’t imagine what’s next, but he knows it will be terrible.