Leo Edwards – Captured Again – Chapter 6


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Leo Edwards

Imagine if you could keep the boy of your dreams in your basement, naked, bound and ready to fuck, torture or use in anyway you want whenever you please. For Grant Dixon, the boy of his dreams is Leo Edwards, a tall, lean muscle-twink, barely out of his teens, with floppy, blond hair, a sleek, hairless body and the face of an angel. Leo is chained in Grant’s dungeon, naked. He is almost always alone. The only thing worse than loneliness is when his master visits – horny for sex, sadism or both. Leo sits on a concrete floor, arms bound overhead, legs spread and chained, when Grant, dressed in black jeans, boots and a T-shirt, enters, carrying his hand-flogger. “I only have a few minutes and I want to see you cum,” Grant says, caressing his boy’s body then whipping his chest and abs several times. “Yes, sir! I’ll do it, sir!” Leo says. Grant releases one of his slave’s wrists and lets him have at it. In minutes, the boy pumps out a huge load of cum, as his asshole quivers and puckers.