Leo Edwards: Captured Again – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Leo Edwards

Leo has lost count of the number of days he’s been held captive. He is always naked, eats out of a bowl and sleeps in a cage, in a concrete dungeon without windows. He is not even sure if it is day or night. Maybe a week ago, he was brutally whipped, with a single-tail and a flogger, but the wounds have pretty much healed. He’s forced to workout and suck cock daily but hasn’t been bound and beaten since – until today. An hour ago he was strapped facedown to the torture table, his butt raised by a curved, wooden block under his waist. “It’s time to get fucked!” his young master, Grant Dixon, announces as he rubs Leo’s lean muscles, slaps his ass and tongues his quivering asshole. Grant pulls his huge cock from his jeans and climbs on top of the boy. “Oh god!” Leo gasps as the erect cock slides into his butt, then is rammed all the way in. “It’s so big!” the poor boy moans as he’s fucked for what seems like an hour. Grant finally pulls out and busts a load of cum all over his Leo’s ass. Then he shoves his dripping phallus back in his pants and whips Leo within an inch of his life.