Leo Edwards: Captured Again – Chapter 1


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Leo Edwards

Two young kinksters, Felix Frost and Grant Dixon, are hanging out a coffee shop when they spot a beautiful blond boy sipping coffee. “I tortured and fucked that boy for a solid week last year,” Felix says, noticing Grant’s lustful stare. Leo Edwards, now 21, had reported being captured, tortured and sexually abused but no one believed him, not the police, not even his own family. Now it’s about to happen again. Later that night Grant gets a text from Felix: “I left you a little gift in the garage.” Grant couldn’t be more pleased when he lifts the hatch of his SUV and sees young Leo, out cold, hooded, collared and handcuffed, his balls peeking out from a long A-shirt, his only clothing. Grant wakes-up the boy with a Tazer and drags him into the dungeon. “Oh no! Not again!” Leo says as his hood is removed. The sting of the crop and Grant’s ravenous mouth on his cock soon follow.