Learning To Please Master Kane – Part 3


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan

The poor boy might think it’s over but Master won’t be done until he’s stolen that cum from the young man’s cock. He strapped down to the cross, his naked body completely vulnerable once again, his eyes covered with tape. It seems the young man knows what’s coming, his cock thickens and bounces, soon hard and being wanked and sucked by Master. Even the pain of electrodes can’t compete with the pleasure of the vibrating head massager on his sensitive tip, his dick bouncing and oozing pre. Soon Master is focused on the task, sucking and rubbing the boy, wanking his hard length and finally making that cum spew from his swollen, aching helmet! It’s a relief, but it’s not over yet. Master likes making a spent boy squirm with more cock play and after feeding the twink his own semen he continues the dick torment.