Lance Navarro and Element Eclipse

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Lance Navarro, Element Eclipse

Some guys like to shove little steel rods down their dicks, but other guys get off on shoving giant, crazy things deep up into their cocks. This sounding scene is an over-the-top exploration of how far the piss hole can go. This is serious stuff – and may not be suitable for all viewers. Indeed, we guarantee that this scene shows the most extreme urethral play ever recorded on film. The added benefit is that both of these guys have massive ten inch cocks! Element Eclipse goes first, piston pumping his cock hole with an angry ribbed sound–its ten inches long and covered in ridges. He fucks his hole so hard that piss come cascading out in raging torrents! Then, Lance Navarro shows us the impossible made real! He takes a thick 36 inch long (that is three feet!) rubber sound and takes it all the way in to his cock. Three Fucking Feet! Simply put, this is one of the finest sounding scenes ever filmed.