Ladder To Hell: Innocent Asher Day Aches For Gunnar Stone’s Demon Dick

Actors: Gunnar Stone, Asher Day

Gunnar Stone is a ruthless master who demands a tribute of pain in order to receive the reward of his demon dick. Innocent twink Asher Day is ready to endure whatever it takes to earn this sadistic honor. Asher embarks on a vicious trial of pain that includes a brutal flogging, cropping, and bastinadoing in grueling bondage. When Master Stone feels satisfied that the tribute has been paid, he savagely fucks the twink’s face and ass until he shoots his demon seed all over Asher’s face.

Master Stone already has Asher tied securely to a wooden ladder and checks to ensure that each limb is bound tight. He grabs a flogger from his selection of implements and begins to work over Asher’s ass and back. Asher willingly suffers from each vicious lashing, as he knows the reward that is in store for him. Gunnar moves onto using a riding crop as he continues to brutalize Asher’s tender flesh. He works his way down to Asher’s feet, cropping the tops and soles as the final test. Master Stone then sniffs and lick’s the pain derived sweat from Asher’s feet and determines the obedient twink is worthy of his demon dick. Asher gets brought down from the ladder and is tied to a bondage bench to reap his reward. Gunnar facefucks the twink before he uses a demonic dildo to stretch out Asher’s ass to prepare him for the real thing. After Asher begs and pleads, Master Stone finally rails his hole until he blows a load of his demon seed on Asher’s innocent face.