Kirk Cummings And Scott Demarco Part 2

Officer Kirk Cummings stands with his hands tied in the center of Scott Demarco’s dungeon. Kirk tried to shut down Scott’s cruising area, but now he is at Scott’s total mercy. Despite his humiliating predicament, Kirk can’t help the throbbing and swelling of his boner. Scott bends down and sucks Kirk’s hard cock, getting it slick and wet with spit. But Scott is not all about pleasure: standing up, he grabs a leather flogger and wails on Kirk’s exposed backside. Grabbing Kirk’s nightstick, Scott lubes it up and shoves it into Kirk’s asshole. Grabbing another even larger dildo, Scott menaces Kirk’s face with the floppy rubber dong, ignoring Kirk’s pathetic protestations. With Kirk’s asshole lubed up and stretched out, Scott steps up behind him in doggy style and gives him a fast, hard pounding. Kirk’s face twists into a pained grimace as he endures Scott’s intense thrusting. Scott puts Kirk’s boots into stirrups that hold his legs high in the air, making access to Kirk’s hole even easier. When Scott’s had his fill, he pushes Kirk down on the ground. Hoping to please his captor, Kirk jerks his cock and sprays his huge load across his stomach. Scott stands, strokes his massive dick, and releases his hot, white cum across Kirk’s chest. But instead of letting Kirk go, Scott cuffs him again and plans to bring him back to the very spot where he was captured, at the mercy of whomever finds him next.

Studio: Fetish Force 
Actors: Kirk Cummings, Scott Demarco