KinkMen Halloween Classic: Edging at the Armory Haunted House


Studio: KinkMen Classics
Actors: Zane Anders, Sebastian Keys, Van Darkholme

It’s Halloween at the Armory so Sebastian Keys talks Van Darkholme into going on the spooky haunted house tour with him. As they walk through the maze, disturbing characters jump out left and right, scaring them half to death. In the midst of their fright, Sebastian noticed one of the workers in the haunted house was pretty hot, so they sneak back into the maze and catch the masked stud off guard. He’s tied up to the fence while Sebastian worships his pits before going for his bulge in his underwear. They get the boy’s cock hard without any trouble and have him begging to cum after teasing him with the hitachi. In the graveyard, Van and Sebastian suck on the bound stud’s toes while edging his cock even more. They shove a vibrator up his ass before milking all the cum from his thick haunted cock!