Kaber Jawell and Jordan Kiffeur

Studio: JalifStudio
Actors: Kaber Jawell, Jordan Kiffeur

Jordan Kiffeur is trying to raise money for charity and turns up at Kader Jawell’s apartment in the hope that he’ll chip in. Kader vanishes and returns with a miserly fist-full of loose change. If this cute stranger wants some proper money, he’ll have to work for it! Kader drops to his knees and begins to nuzzle his visitor’s dick through his tight sweatpants. Jordan responds well: He’s had a long day, and his dick has been twitching all afternoon. Within seconds he’s rock hard, his huge dick straining behind the soft fabric of his pants. He pulls it out: it’s an impressive, upward-curving specimen which Kader sucks hungrily. Jordan grabs the back of Kader’s head and aggressively forces himself as far down the bottom boy’s throat as he can get. Kader gags and chokes. The encounter soon gets sleazy with sloppy kissing and spit flying in all directions between the two hot men. It’s perhaps unsurprising that one of Jordan’s sneakers is soon brought into the sexual foray both men lick and sniff away, getting high on the heady stench of leather, rubber and sweat. Jordan’s still not done though; he throws Kader onto a table in the hallway and bangs him with frenetic power. Kader gasps and yells as his hole is brutally torn apart by the sexy visitor who seems to have almost endless levels of stamina. Jordan eventually pulls out, just before spraying an astounding amount of semen all over Kader’s thigh. Now that’s a donation!