Joshua Thorn: The Bully – Chapter 7


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joshua Thorn

Joshua thinks he is being punished for picking on gay kids at his school, that these guys are some sort of gay vigilantes. He is too stupid to realize that he is not being punished but used by men who like to torture well-built teen-boys and enjoy their tasty cocks. That’s why he is kept chained in our dungeon and passed around like a piece of meat to be used and abused. Sure, Joseph Mathews grabbed him weeks ago because he was a bully, but he wouldn’t have bothered if Joshua wasn’t a fine piece of teenage ass, smooth like a boy but with the muscles and cock of a man. Noah Evans’ particular kink is getting his boys hard – sucking on their cocks when they are helpless – and then inflecting pain on their cock and balls. He yanks so hard on the rope around Joshua’s balls that the kid has to stand up on his tiptoes or risk having his scrotum torn. This goes on for a good hour – hard cock followed by hard yanks – until Joshua wakes up in a new room, chained to an inclined table on his back. This time Noah not only gets his naked slave hard but pumps out a nice load of cum.