Joshua Thorn: The Bully – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joshua Thorn

Joshua Thorn is back. The 18-year-old high-school bully has been kept chained in our dungeon for weeks, hooded at all times, wearing a T-shirt but naked from the waist down, a special kind of humiliation. “Where am I?” he pleads, unable to sit down, alone for a days at a time. Then he hears the door slam and can see through the lycra fabric of his hood a new man, shorter and meatier, approach. The man, Noah Evans, removes Joshua’s hood, rips open his shirt and feels up his smooth, muscular body. “Who are you? What are you gonna do to me?” the teen asks. Noah responds by zapping him repeatedly with a police Taser, then sucks his cock. Soon both boys are rock hard. Then Noah punches Joshua in the gut, over and over, right above his erect cock.